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Immune System

  • ACAI 5000 (Açaí) FORTE – 5000mg/90 capsules


    Health Canada NPN: 80038888

    Provita Nutrition ACAI 5000 Forte contains 300% more antioxidants than other fruits and it’s a unique product on the market due to X 10 concentration!

  • AHCC PRO – 700mg/60 capsules


    Health Canada NPN: 80034342

    The world’s most researched specialty immune supplement with over 80 supporting research studies, AHCC is Japan’s leading alternative cancer therapy used in hundreds of cancer clinics throughout Asia. It is a highly effective immunomodulator used in over 700 clinics as a standard preventative regiment for all incoming patient to reduce the risk of hospital infections. Provita Nutrition AHCC Pro is the daily immune supplement of tens of thousands of healthy people worldwide, seeking to help their bodies to fight the formation of abnormal cells, whose growth can lead to cancer, chronic disease and infections (such as the influenza / flu virus).

  • ASHWAGANDHA – 550mg/90 capsules


    Health Canada NPN: 80034256

    Ashwagandha is a herb root traditionally used in Ayurveda medicine as a rejuvenating tonic, a sleep aid and for memory enhancement. It is also used traditionally in Ayurveda to relieve general debility, especially during convalescence or old age.

  • ASTRAGALUS 9000 MG – 9000 mg/60 Vcaps


    Health Canada NPN: 80042295

    This herb has a long history of use in Chinese traditional medicine as an immune boosting supplement and normalizer for glandular function. Containing 450 mg Extract 20:1 per capsule, Provita Nutrition Astragalus is the most potent Astragalus on the market!

  • ENDOTHIONE – 60 Vcaps


    Provita Nutrition Endothione


    Start a unique gut fermentation process to produce biocompatible glutathione, easily recognized, absorbed and utilized by the body.

    60 VCAPS | NPN: 80079293

  • Lymphstream Forte – 60 Capsules


    This product is not for sale in CANADA!!!

    Konig Lymphstream uses  extracts to treat tonsillitis, enlarged glands, swollen spleen, sluggish lymphatic, infections and inflammations. Lymphstream also supports the immune response by draining the lymphatic system.

  • MAITAKE EXTRACT 4:1 – 90 Capsules


    Health Canada NPN: 80044796

    Scientists have revealed the maitake mushroom can shrink tumours by as much as 75 per cent. Experts found the giant edible mushroom – which can grow to eight inches across – can help combat bladder and prostate cancer. Rich in beta glucan polysaccharides 1.3 / 1.6 and fraction D, Provita Nutrition Maitake can be administered in all forms of cancer or when there is predisposition to cancer (preventive). It can also be administered before chemotherapy or radiotherapy preliminary and after to ease the side effects (weakening of the immune system, nausea, fatigue)

  • SHIITAKE FORTE (Extract 4:1) – 90 caps


    Health Canada NPN: 80042531

    This certified organic mushroom extract from Provita Nutrition has traditionally been used to treat a variety of disorders and promote vitality. Providing 250mg per capsule, Provita Nutrition Shiitake Mushroom is recommended to help build resistance to disease, prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol and help reduce fatigue. It is an excellent choice for anyone wanting better health and powerful immune protection.

  • Thymus+ Immune System – 60 caps


    This product is not for sale in CANADA!!!

    Konig Laboratorium THYMUS+ contains a combination of ingredients for strengthening the immune system and helps to maintain good health.

  • TYROXINE PRO – 60 capsules


    Provita Nutrition & Health Tyroxine Pro™ helps in the function of the thyroid gland and has a beneficial factor in the maintenance of good health.