MAITAKE EXTRACT 4:1 – 90 Capsules


Health Canada NPN: 80044796

Rich in beta glucan polysaccharides 1.3 / 1.6 and fraction D, Provita Nutrition Maitake is used in Herbal Medicine to support the immune system.


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    Maitake D Fraction enhances antitumor effects and reduces immunosuppression by mitomycin-C in tumor-bearing mice. D-Fraction, a polysaccharide extracted from maitake mushrooms (Grifola frondosa), has been reported to exhibit an antitumor effect through activation of immunocompetent cells, including macrophages and T cells, with modulation of the balance between T-helper 1 and 2 cells. We examined whether maitake D Fraction could decrease the effective dosage of the chemotherapeutic agent, mitomycin-C, necessary to control carcinoma in mice. Our results suggest that maiteke D-Fraction can decrease the effective dosage in tumor-bearing mice by increasing the proliferation, differentiation, and activation of immunocompetent cells and thus provide a potential clinical benefit for patients with tumors.

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    Provita Nutrition & Health Maitake 1000 contains a therapeutic 4:1 extract equivalent to 1,000 mg per capsule of dry mushroom, usually providing about 30% Polysaccharides.

    Maitake (Griffola frondosa) is used in herbal medicine to support and modulate the immune system. It is a renowned medicinal mushroom rich in immune modulating polysaccharides.


    The immune system has two major components: the innate system and the acquired system. Medicinal mushrooms can boost the innate system to help the body fight bacterial invaders.

    May be associated with other treatments such as Reishi, Ganoderma Agaricus Blazei Murill and Shiitake.

    Provita Nutrition Maitake HIGHLIGHTS:

    • Equivalent to 1000mg of whole mushroom powder
    • Concentrated Extract 4:1
    • Antitumor effects
    • Antihypertensive and metabolic effects
    • Ideal potency


    • Grifola frondosa  4:1 extract………………………….250 mg
    • (equivalent to 1000 mg of dried herb)

    Non Medicinal Ingredients:

    • Microcrystalline cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin

    Does not Contain:

    • Dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, corn, yeast, nuts, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours
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