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Provita Nutrition EDTA tablets are covered with 8% wt gastro resistant coat to prevent dissolution of the tablet in the stomach for at least 2 hours, long enough for it to pass through the duodenum in the small intestine. Thus, the tablet comes intact in the intestine where it quickly disintegrated by the bile and intestinal juice. EDTA’s release directly in the intestine not only increases its bioavailability within (and thus the therapeutic effect) but completely removes unwanted stomach side effects. The addition of malic acid has a synergistic effect due to its special affinities for heavy metals, especially the aluminum so present in the water.


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    EDTA has 3 forms used for therapeutic purposes: Disodium, Calcium-Disodium and Dicalcium. Out of these,  Disodium form is the most bioavailable and the most efficient in terms of treatment but is the most expensive and difficult to tablet. Moreover, Disodium chelated form – that is not chemically bound but chelated – is the best for absorbing calcium, losing easily the sodium in exchange of calcium and heavy metals. By micronization (particle reduction to micron size), bioavailability is increased even more by achieving a greater and more intimate contact with arterial calcifications. Common tablets or capsules dissolve quickly in the stomach where a large part of EDTA is destroyed by the very acidic gastric juice, leading to reduction of therapeutic effect and undesirable effects such as heartburn, stomach discomfort or vomiting.

    What is chelation therapy?

    Chelation has given heart disease patients an alternative to invasive heart surgery and has enabled patients with intermittent claudication to increase their walking distance.
    Chelation therapy is a highly effective treatment for clearing heavy metals, excess calcium, and artery-damaging chemicals from the bloodstream. Although it was first used to treat heavy metal poisoning, chelation has since proven valuable for circulatory disorders.

    provita nutrition edta naturahealChelation therapy is administering a man-made amino acid called EDTA into the veins. (EDTA is an abbreviation for ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid. It’s marketed under several names, including Edetate, Disodium, Endrate, and Sodium Versenate.) EDTA is most often used in cases of heavy metal poisoning (lead or mercury). That’s because it can latch onto or bind these metals, creating a compound that can be excreted in the urine. Besides binding heavy metals, EDTA also “chelates” (naturally seeks out and binds) calcium, one of the components of atherosclerotic plaque. In the early 1960s, this led to speculation that EDTA could remove calcium deposits from buildups in arteries. The idea was that once the calcium was removed by regular treatments of  EDTA, the remaining elements in the plaque would break up and the plaque would clear away. The narrowed arteries would be restored to their former state.

    EDTA chelation therapy was originally designed as a treatment for heavy metal poisoning, and its effectiveness for heart and circulatory disorders was discovered only by accident in the 1950s. As World War II veterans afflicted with lead poisoning from painting battleships underwent chelation to “get the lead out,” physicians noticed that those who had chest pain or leg pain were experiencing almost unbelievable improvement in these symptoms.

    EDTA gets increasingly more attention because of a wide range of ailments that can benefit by taking this single amino acid. Recently has been discovered a great synergy between EDTA and malic acid. Together with EDTA, malic acid activates the energy systems in the entire body including the heart and the brain. Combined with EDTA, malic acid strengthens the mitochondria function. Mitochondria are responsible for transforming the nutrients into energy at the cellular level.

    EDTA and heart disease

    Provita Nutrition EDTA removes deposits that harden the arteries and lead to possible rupture of smaller vessels, especially those that supply the heart muscle and brain vessels. These deposits are composed of calcium, heavy metals and minerals, fibrin and cellular waste that “cemented” over time on artery walls. Usually these deposits facilitate cholesterol deposits forming atheroma (blood flow bottlenecks). Improving blood flow in general and especially in the brain and the heart EDTA prevents a stroke or a heart attack by dissolving blood clots and formation of clots, thinning the blood thus making it more fluid.

    What is atherosclerosis?

    Atherosclerosis is also called “hardening of the arteries.” It occurs when the inner walls of the arteries become lined with deposits of fat, cholesterol and other substances, including calcium. This fatty buildup usually starts early in life and gradually gets worse over many years. That’s why middle-aged and older people are more likely to have the disease. As plaque builds up, the arteries become hard and constricted. They lose their ability to expand and contract as blood flows through them and they get narrower. These changes make it harder for blood to flow through them, so the heart must work harder to pump blood throughout the body. If this plaque ruptures or a blood clot blocks a narrowed artery, a heart attack, stroke or other serious medical problem can result. A heart attack happens when an artery bringing blood to the heart muscle is blocked. A stroke occurs when an artery to the brain is blocked.

    During the past 50 years, over a million patients have undergone chelation therapy for a wide range of circulatory problems. Chelation has given heart disease patients an alternative to invasive heart surgery and has enabled patients with intermittent claudication to increase their walking distance. It has been used to alleviate angina, to reduce high blood pressure, and to spare diabetic patients from limb amputation.

    Chelation has an impeccable record of safety. An FDA safety review spanning 30 years revealed no evidence of significant toxicity. And of over 500,000 patients nationwide treated with chelation therapy using the protocol established by the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), not a single fatality has occurred. Compare this to coronary artery bypass surgery, which has a fatality rate of 4 percent. This means that for every 500,000 patients who undergo bypass surgery, an estimated 20,000 will die.

    Safety is one thing, but effectiveness is another, and this therapy is effective. A review of 40 published and 30 unpublished studies involving over 25,000 patients who underwent EDTA chelation demonstrated that 87 percent benefited from this therapy.

    Provita Nutrition EDTA Contains:

    • EDTA disodium chelate (Na2EDTA)……………..……………800 mg
      (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt)
    • Malic Acid (natural source)…………………………………… 100 mg


    • Microcrystalline cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Crosamellose Sodium, Pharmaceutical grade Acrylic Polymer

    Provita Nutrition EDTA Dosage:

    • 1-3 capsules daily on an empty stomach, preferably in the evening before bedtime. When given 3 tablets per day can be taken 2 tablets in the evening and 1 in the morning, at least 45 minutes before breakfast. Drink lots of water!
    • During treatment with EDTA is recommended to use a mineral complex (e.g. Multi-Vitamins and Minerals). Administered with Formula FLOW, EDTA will be taken at least 2 hours before or after Formula FLOW.

    Provita Nutrition EDTA Caution:

    • Consult your health care practitioner if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription drugs.
    • Consult your doctor if you are taking anti-coagulant drugs (i.e. Warfarin).
    • Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing

    Provita Nutrition EDTA contains no:

    • Dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, corn, yeast, nuts, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.

    This product is not for sale in CANADA!!!

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