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Provita Nutrition Wild Salmon Collagen provides the active collagen protein that your skin and articulations need to maintain their flexibility and to replenish the depletion of collagen resources in the body as it ages. Often recommended by practitioners for articulation health and for reducing wrinkles.


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    Wild Salmon Collagen

    Wild Salmon Collagen has been known by experts to be the best ingredient for cosmetics because of its superior power to penetrate human skin. Unlike collagen extracted from other animals, salmon collagen melts at a very low temperature, well below the temperature of the human body. It easily melts on the skin and is gradually absorbed. (Temp. of dissolution; pig: about 40°C, cow: about 38°C, salmon: about 18°C) Because collagen from other sources melts at a much higher temperature, it often sits on the skin without melting or being absorbed. Provita Nutrition Wild salmon collagen provides all the essential nutrients and components to fully repair and rebuild cartilage.

    Wild salmon collagen is considered to be one of the fastest acting, arthritic pain-reduction products available without a doctor’s prescription. Join the men, women and athletes who enjoy the daily benefits of  this miraculous product as part of their health and fitness regime.

    What exactly is Collagen?
    The main structural component of the lower layer of the skin (Dermis) is a protein called collagen. Bundles of collagen molecules pack together throughout the dermis, accounting for three-fourths of the dry weight of skin. Collagen is also responsible for the skin’s strength. Collagen is produced by cells called fibroblasts, which are found scattered throughout the dermis.

    Collagen is a connective tissue and is the cement that holds everything together-the primary mortar between the bricks of all of our smooth muscle tissues such as blood vessels, digestive tract, heart, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder, to mention just a few. Collagen, along with elastin, is a key structural component of bones, cartilage, tendons, the skin, lung tissue and blood vessels. Collagen provides structure and firmness to body tissues, while elastin provides flexibility to those same tissues.

    Provita Nutrition Wild Salmon Collagen naturaheal.caAs aging occurs, cellular proteins hook together or change shape. These changes keep the proteins from doing their jobs properly resulting in a loss of collagen and less firmness to body tissues. This process eventually leads to wrinkles. Thus, one important target of wrinkle prevention and elimination regimen is to reduce collagen breakdown and increase its supply. This task is achievable but you have to go about it in the right way. Stimulating skin cells to produce collagen can partly reverse this process. Stimulating collagen synthesis in aged skin was shown to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. First, vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen , a key structural protein of the skin. Adding vitamin C to a culture of skin cells (fibroblasts) dramatically increases the synthesis of collagen. Secondly, vitamin C is an antioxidant and can help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. So, when vitamin C is properly delivered to skin cells, there is a good chance to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

    Wild Salmon Collagen works magic with HYA-300 (hyaluronic acid) accelerating the reduction of wrinkles.

    “When I started using collagen in salmon was more than a fad, and just to say I did not expect spectacular results. It is true that the skin began to look increasingly better, but again not the in the first day but after 3 – four weeks of regular use of each one cps / day, preferably in the evening. I’ve tried it with Hyaluronic Acid and I’ve got visible results – skin is brighter, hydrated, given that any way fail to consume two liters of water per day, I’ve got reduced forehead wrinkles and my neck skin  is just spectacular! My beautician is happy and she thinks it’s all due to her hands. Anyway I feel good and I am happy that I found your product, even though at first I ordered from you with some suspicion. Thanks!!! – Maria, Miercurea Ciuc.

    Wild Salmon Collagen Highlights:

    • 100% Pure & Natural Collagen with added Vitamin C .
    • Essential for ligaments and skin elasticity
    • Helps maintain cartilage, Articulations, skin, eyes and cellular health.
    • Excellent for cardiovascular system (elasticity of arteries)
    • Clinically proven.

    Wild Salmon Collagen Contains:

    • Collagen……………………………………………………………………200 mg
      •     (Hydrolyzed collagen from wild harvested salmonids)
    • L-Lysine…………………………………………………………………………………….50 mg
    • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)……………………………….………………50 mg

    Non Medicinal Ingredients

    • Rice Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin

    Wild Salmon Collagen does not Contain:

    • Dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, corn, yeast, nuts, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours

    Wild salmon Collagen Dosage:

    • Take 3-4 capsules once a day with water or 1/2 glass of orange juice (1 hour before or after eating)
    • For joint problems, some nutritionists recommend and simultaneous treatment with shark cartilage
    • For wrinkle removal and skin regeneration is recommended in association with HYA-300 administered 1-3 1-3 Collagen + Hyaluronic acid daily.
    • Visible effects in about 2 weeks after starting treatment
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